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Queerios! Cast Member Brenna Wissman at The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Austin, Texas

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Rocky Horror Q&A

When did you first see Rocky Horror?
Hmm. Well I first saw it around March of 2011. The first time I saw it was with the Queerios<3

When did you join the cast?
June of 2012.

Why did you join the cast?
I joined because it gives me something to do every Saturday, and it is so incredibly fun. The people are just fantastic.

What do you do on cast?
Just tech, really.

Who's sexier, Columbia or Magenta?
I think I would have to say Columbia. Clown fantasies are normal, right?

What keeps you going to Rocky every weekend?
Oh the people definitely. Not just the cast, but seeing audience members who really participate is just brilliant.

Do you have a love/love or a love/hate relationship with Rocky?
Love/love definitely. Who wouldn't love such a masterpiece of a film?

Personal Stuff

What do you do when you're not at Rocky?
Drink Snapple. Lots of Snapple. Unhealthy amounts of Snapple.

Are you a pirate or a ninja? (butt pirates don't count)
I am a pirate. Who doesn't love booty?

Besides Rocky, what are your obsessions?

What are a few of your favorite things?
Ella Ella Snapple Ella

What's your favorite kind of pie?
Apple. Definitely apple.

Anything else random to share?
All of my friends are made of glue.

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