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Queerios! Cast Member Kevin Beauchamp at The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Austin, Texas

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Birthplace:Fort Worth, TX
Marital Status:Single
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Rocky Horror Q&A

When did you first see Rocky Horror?
An army buddy of mine dragged me to the Dream Theater in Monterey, CA on Jan 20, 1990 to see Rocky for my 19th birthday.

When did you join the cast?
June 2008

Who's sexier, Columbia or Magenta?
Magenta is definitely sexier for a lot of reasons: (1) Maids are sexier than female cross dressers and (2) maids are much more fun to spank, (3) incestuous elbow sex is sexier than groupie sex, (4) yawning displeasure is sexier than screeching displeasure, (5) sliding down banisters is sexier than tripping on stairs, (6) negligee is sexier than pajamas, (6) and playboy bunnies (even former ones) are hot.

What keeps you going to Rocky every weekend?
It's a cheap alternative to therapy & strip clubs.

What do you think of Shock Treatment?
I love the music, but I've only seen the movie once, and it hasn't yet grown on me.

Personal Stuff

Are you a pirate or a ninja? (butt pirates don't count)
I suppose I'm a weird mix. I'm quiet and often startle people because they don't hear me coming. But I love ale, and the color black bores me. So I guess I'm a piranja. Or ninjate. Or piniranjtea. Or pirninajate.

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