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Queerios! Cast Member Brittany ("Kitten") Carmon at The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Austin, TexasQueerios! Cast Member Brittany ("Kitten") Carmon at The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Austin, Texas

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Rocky Horror Q&A

When did you first see Rocky Horror?
Saw the movie in my Junior year of high school (2006), but saw it live for the first time the saturday before I joined (23 May 2009) which (as it turns out) ended up being the BEST DAY OF MY FREAKIN' LIFE!!!!!

When did you join the cast?
I told you, the week after I saw it!!!! (30 May 2009)

Why did you join the cast?
I fell in love with the fun, and missed the theater...*sigh* I love thespians...^_^

What do you do on cast?
Whatever/whoever needs to be done

Who's sexier, Columbia or Magenta?

What keeps you going to Rocky every weekend?
The supper awesome people. That and I get to chill out and be my crazy self...RAGAFRAGA!!!

Personal Stuff

What do you do when you're not at Rocky?
...Dream about being at Rocky...Ok, that's cliche...I guess chill on the computer or on a game station or with my ppl ^_^ yes, I have ppl...they're watching you for signs of disloyalty...

Are you a pirate or a ninja? (butt pirates don't count)
...PIRATE NINJA KITTY!!! hehehe it's a delicate balance between the supper fun pirate, the awesome sneaky ninja, and the cute playful kitten. (BEWARE, I scratch ^_^)

Besides Rocky, what are your obsessions?
...Tigers...Dragons...Pirates of the Carribean...Me...The other side...power...Underworld (all three)...Inheritance (was supposed to be a trillogy, but nnnnnnnnooooooooooooo, now it's a quadrillagy...damn it)...Abhorson energy drinks...and a lot of other things...just ask, I'm more then willing to give you more ^_^

What are a few of your favorite things?
Black, Red, Deep purple, neon green...Fish, cheese cake, pinaple pizza, Dr. Pepper, coke (a cola you sick-o)...tormenting, tramatizing, corrupting, being jokes, racist jokes, dead baby jokes...reading, writting, playing video games, playing guitar, blasting music, working out (no gyms or machines or weights please)...the dark ages, the victorian era, futal japan (or at least my idea of them)...anime (Bleach, Naruto, Cowboy Beebop, Inuyasha, Shugo Charra, Hellsing...probably more)

What is your dream job?

What's your favorite kind of pie?
SWEET BEARRY WINE PIE!!! lol...did I spell that right?

Anything else random to share?
...I can't spell but I've got a nice vocabulary...I'm vain as all get out...I hate being home...I have a curfew at age 20...I have an alter ego that sometimes pops out to destroy things...I love a challenge...I'm a people pleaser (much to my dismay)...I can only be so nice for so long, but then GET READY TO FEEL THE THUNDER!!!!...I'm around seven on the inside, unless somthing really serious is going on...I'm VERY easilly distracted (ooo a piece of candy!!)...anything else you have to discover on your own...good luck and try not to die, we just re did the carpet after the last guy ^_^

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Queerios! Cast Member Brittany ("Kitten") Carmon at The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Austin, Texas
6 Jun 2009