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Queerios! Cast Member Laura Rafferty at The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Austin, Texas

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Birthdate:April 20
Birthplace:Columbus Ohio
Marital Status:married
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Rocky Horror Q&A

When did you first see Rocky Horror?
My Mum took me to an anniversary show in 1985 as a surprise.

When did you join the cast?
March 2008

Why did you join the cast?
Originally, it was for my kiddo. I was only supposed to be the driver.

What do you do on cast?
Whatever I can to help out. Tech stuff now and who knows for later on...

Who's sexier, Columbia or Magenta?
Mmmm...Perky lopsided boobs and shrill voice or no eyeballs with a sultry accent. Tough one there.

What keeps you going to Rocky every weekend?

How has Rocky Horror affected your life?
I encourage my 15 year old daughter to dress in as little clothing as possible once a week and take her out into the night....

Do you have a love/love or a love/hate relationship with Rocky?
Depends on the weekend

What do you think of Shock Treatment?

Personal Stuff

What do you do when you're not at Rocky?
Work, work, work, do laundry, work...

Are you a pirate or a ninja? (butt pirates don't count)
I love to scare the hell out of Allison so I will say Ninja for $200 Alex.

Besides Rocky, what are your obsessions?
Obsession/OCD..such a fine line. Top Gear, British comedies in general, DWTS and my house/family

What are a few of your favorite things?
Family, dogs, my little monkey and lastly Thai food.

What is your dream job?
ER doctor or Psychiatrist

What's your favorite kind of pie?
Boston Cream

Anything else random to share?

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