Austin Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast

Who are we?

Queerios! Cast Photo - The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Austin, Texas
Queerios! Lingerie Night Cast Photo - The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Austin, Texas

The performing cast of Queerios! is a loose non-profit organization. It is strictly a volunteer operation, which we do out of love for Rocky Horror and each other. We perform every Saturday at midnight with a rotating cast of performers, and are constantly looking for new cast members. Cast members must be age 18 or older, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

New cast members will typically help out with tech (setting up and taking down props, lighting, security, etc.) for at least four shows, in order to familiarize themselves with our blocking and the show as a whole. Those wishing to perform may then request to be trained for a part. There are no auditions, but you are expected to obtain a basic costume and familiarize yourself with the role as much as possible. If interested, please come to the show and talk to one of the cast officers shown below.

Cast Officers

Active Cast Members

Occasional and Guest Performers

Absent Friends

Aaron Hartmann
Adam Milks
Alex Mather*
Alithea ("Allie") Groff*
Allie Carr*
Allison Rafferty*
Ally Smith*
Amber Friedman
Amy Helfenbein*
Andy Rochelle
Angela Bridgman
Ashley ("Squishy") Cano*
B.J. Wahl
Becky Johnson
Ben Corwin*
Berry Mears*
Bill Vaught
Blair Mundy
Blakesley King*
Bobbi Dodson
Bobby ("Shiny") Evans*
Brad Bernhard
Brandon Cornell*
Bree Johnson
Brittany ("Kitten") Carmon*
Brittany Keener*
Brittany ("Bucket") T.*
Brooke Schepp*
Bryan ("Cornbread") Burnett
Calvin McWilliams*
Cat Hawkins
Chris Jones
Chris Lambert
Christopher ("CW") Reynolds*
Chucky Nechar*
Rev. Clayton Walker
Cliff Davis
D.J. Bandy*
Danny Klein
David LaRocca
David Petty
David ("Vader") Steinpreis
Debbi Dzbenski
Dennis Knittel
Dustin Hensley
Dusty Dayn
Eddy DeForest
Eli Oldham*
Emily Russell*
Gillian ("Limey")*
Haley Daylong
Helena Penn
Hez Lesh
Holly Wilson*
Ian Stillwell*
Isaac Ramirez
James ("Strawboy") Hanson*
Jamie Goodstein
Jasmine Groff
Jason Bizzell
Jason Stewart (R.I.P.)
Jeff Alfaro
Jennifer Hamilton*
Jennifer Johnson
Jenny Barrow*
Jessica Fly*
Jessica Smith
Jessica Trevino*
Joe Daniels
John Nuncio
Joshua Pumphrey*
Julia Lay
Kandie Betsill
Kerry Ann Scherer*
Kevin Beauchamp*
Kevin Keener*
Kirsten ("Kiera") DeHart*
Kristian ("Angel") L.
Kristin Mickelson*
Laura Koehn
Laura Rafferty*
Lauren ("Trixie") Gibbs
Lauren ("Ducky") Kincaid*
Lauren Matyis (R.I.P.)*
Laz Th0rN
Lee Nuckols*
Leigh-Anna ("2.0") Marie Vercher*
Rev. Lindsay King Mears*
Lisa Ann Johnson*
Lisa Marie Hayes*
Mallory ("Kitty") McKenney
Mandy ("Velma") Tucker*
Margaux Binder
Mark ("GM") Brusniak
Marley Cullers
Maryann Williams
Megan ("M&M") Moten
Michael Carter*
Michael ("Fuzzy") Wilson*
Mike ("Kilroi") Betsill
Misty Traylor*
Morgan White
Nicholas ("Farley") Kier*
Nikki Davis
Oni Tormo*
Raini Shuffield*
Rebekah Hurst*
Renn Little*
Richard Kessler
Rob ("Chibbi") *
Sally Spurgeon
Sam Vazquez*
Sarah Wilk*
Sarah Yarbrough
Selina Wright
Shannon Hurn
Shawn Barnard*
Spencer Scherer*
Steve Scott
Steven Combe
Summer Stinson*
Tayler Polikoff*
Thomas Roman
Tonya Deselms
Toto Kaos
Miss Tre*
Trevor Fountain*
Tricia Storie
Tyler Cooley*
Victoria Husson*
Whitney White*