Almost Weird Enough After All!
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Author:  spiderlily [ Sat Nov 12, 2005 4:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Almost Weird Enough After All!

James and I went and saw "Keep Austin Weird" last night to celebrate our annniversary, and we had a great time... I think we were some of the few people in the audience not rather traumatized by Crazy Carl Hickerson's homemade man-boobs. (He was a judge in the costume contest for one of the early RHPS anniversary blowouts here, incidentally...)
Anyway, James and I got interviewed by Dave Steakley for about 90 minutes when he was collecting material for the play. We didn't end up making it into the actual play, which I was quite okay with since there are people much weirder even than us here in Austin. We are on the list of people who got interviewed in the back of the program, although it came out as James and Johanna Laljer somehow... But still, cool! I really enjoyed the whole thing, the fact that Sweet T got played in conjunction with Leslie, and just the sort of harmonic convergence of weirdness that reachd sublime proportions at times...Wonderful. Since I live east of the Great Divide aka I35, I'm also really glad they addressed the more perplexing not so great weirdness of why a town so genuinely open-hearted and tolerant often can't seem to recognize the racism that continues to exist here.
I now have a faux Lesbian Avengers paper airplane with FUCK YOU all over it in my scrapbook! (James says he wondered who got to be the fuck you person and sit and write it on all of them...)
Anyway, I wanted to come back today and take photos of their yard art they have in front of the theater for the show, in the daylight, so I was doing that, and we saw Aralyn Hughes, the pig lady, arriving (without her pig) and she said, "I know you! I saw your tape!" She said we were actually in the shopping cart Sweet T scene originally talking about meeting at Rockyetc., but got cut for time etc. about two weeks before opening... She was going to be me! Wow! (That's ver cool, especially since last night at intermission I was asking James, "So, if we move to Kyle, can I have a pig and maybe a goat?") So I'm really stunned in a good way
And since I know more about Pacific Northwest history than Texas history (during which I was daydreaming about entirely different things, like the redheaded girl a few desks away) I was amused to learn that Texas and Washington state (well... territory) both had seperate Pig Wars.

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