Costume Pieces: Kilts
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Author:  Frank-n-Fuzzy [ Thu Jul 24, 2008 1:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Costume Pieces: Kilts

Hi, Fuzzy here.

Sometimes I find wonderful things on ebay relating to Rocky, and sometimes I just find fun things.


For anyone who has ever had an experience of buying a kilt, it is fair warn you that some of them are really shoddily made. A good kilt will cost you well over 300 dollars, considering the entire thing is hand made from wool. Now, this is just your standard kilt, not the "Great Kilt" which is a huge thing that wraps around your shoulder and whatnot.

I thought the price was phenomenal ($58, with shipping) even though it was made with something acrylic. When I got it, I was even more pleased. It's really quite a superb garment, with big full pleats at the back and everything. The best part is that I can't even really tell it's not wool. How awesome is that?

Check it out, it's pretty cool. This store also carries sporrans (scottish fanny packs) and flashes (little strips of fabric to put in your socks so you match).

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