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Author:  ringo [ Sun Oct 25, 2009 1:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Kudos / Criticism

First things first - awesome, truly. I have been to many RH showings, all over the world, across *grumblegrumble* years. Yours has been most fun, and continues to improve. Especially, kudos on:

1) I appreciate the attempts to keep the show timely and topical, rather than this thing trapped in amber. While I'd always want to see plenty of classics included, nods to the present day keep the show feeling alive and fresh. Well done.

2) The theatrics and performances were just right - faithful enough to be, well, faithful, but different enough to keep interest. And clearly thought and effort went into it.

Some Criticism, though:

1) Saying "masturbation" or "faggot" or alluding to sex is not enough to make something funny, sorry. The first zillion times had (dubious) shock value, but, come now, it's not like the usual call&response was lacking in that department.

2) Classically (for RH, anyway), the point was NOT to talk over the movie, but to augment the movie - to make clever usage of the space in between dialogue, and turn it into something more funny and more irreverant. But the movie ALREADY is those things. So DON'T FIGHT IT. Let the movie breathe.

I humbly suggest that just because you CAN say something, does not mean you SHOULD say something. I'd also suggest going through the lines and judiciously picking that which is most funny, and removing that which doesn't work, or is overkill. You've got the material, so hone it to shiny sparkly glistening happy fun time perfection. Don't treat it like spaghetti you throw against the wall to see what sticks.

Overall, I think you've got a real gem here. Thanks for the good times!

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