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PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2003 6:22 pm 
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Dear Cast Director(s),
Greetings! You may be aware that ROCKYCON 2004 - (The Rocky Horror 29th
Anniversary Convention) is being held in Las Vegas next year at the Sahara Hotel &
Casino! The dates are Fri. April 2nd and Sat. April 3rd, 2004. Please check
out the Offical ROCKYCON 2004 website for all Con Information at Rockycon

Would your cast like to do a live Cast Performance on stage?
Just let me know as soon as possible. (see details below). We are hoping to
get as many casts out there as possible to represent RHPS at ROCKYCON 2004!
Just email me back at or call Megan Tabor at 702-314-0330
if interested! I can answer all questions.

Cast Performance Info:
Every Rocky Horror cast that is attending ROCKYCON 2004 is allowed to do a
number on stage (up to 7 minutes) on Saturday during the Convention. (No major
props though.)
The number must be Rocky related. We recommend that you do a lipsinc number
or skit with music from your own tape or cd.

FOR EXAMPLE: It can be anything you dream up! A musical pre-show number.
Perhaps Rocky characters performing to a non-Rocky Horror song (or RHPS)
song...or your own complete mix from any song or musical! You can use Rocky-Related
characters any way you see fit with music from RHPS or any other song or
musical number mix that you put together. You can be as creative as you like with
costumes or music!

Just so you know - your Cast's Performance skit will be secret until the day
of the performance! No cast will be doing the same number, so I will let you
know if something is already taken. It is best to keep in contact with me and
I will give you the scoop!
If you perform, your cast will also get a Cast Photo & Bio in the program
book, plus the performer's names & parts & Title of your number.

So, do you think your cast is interested in performing?
Just let me know! I need to speak with only 1 person from each cast who is
in charge basically..the current Cast Director or cast representative. Let me
know who that would be asap if you are interested. I understand that the cast
may have to meet on this and decide. If your cast WANTS to do a Cast
Performance at ROCKYCON 2004 but does not know what they want to do yet..that's OK.
(You can plan the creative part later over the next months.) I just need to
know if you want to perform something. If the whole cast cannot attend, then
part of the cast may still perform!

What I need from you right away if you do:
First, contact me! I need to know the name of the current cast director or
point person, Cast Name, an email address for them, a mailing address, phone
number for them, what current theater you perform at, the current address of the
theater, how often your cast performs, approximately how many are in the
cast, the age ranges, & how many do you think will be attending ROCKYCON 2004 -
the 29th Anniversary. And if your cast has lost it's theater, yet are still a may STILL perform!
You can email me at or also call me at 702-314-0330 anytime.

PLEASE NOTE: The reason I am contacting you now is so if your cast, as a
group, does decide to perform or go, you can plan ahead for getting tickets,
(airfare if needed), and hotel rooms as soon as possible. Tickets are now on sale!
They may sell out and I want to make sure the performing casts get their
tickets before anyone else or as soon as possible!

If you like you may purchase tickets with Pay Pal on the Official Rockycon
site or simply mail it to the address below:

ADVANCED TICKETS ONLY. Tickets will not be sold at the door.
Tickets are $40 per person and cover both the Fri. Theme Party & Sat.

Ticket Deadline: March 15th, 2004. (We strongly suggest that performing casts
purchase tickets ASAP.) Tickets are non-refundable. Tickets & receipts will
be mailed to your address. Your name will also be listed at the door, so
please have ID ready to get your Con Badge.

Payments should be in the form of Money Order or Cashier's check ONLY.
Make all ticket money payable to: JOE TABOR and send to:

3937 S. Spencer St. # 31
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Enclose your
Mailing address:
City, State & Zip:
How many tickets you would like:
Name you would like your tickets to be listed under at the door:
Contact Email, phone number or cell #:
The Cast You are with & city:
*Also include full names for each additional ticket you wish to purchase. We
will have a complete attendance list at the door and all attendees must have

Stage Spec Information, etc:
I will give you all info on cast performance numbers & stage size if you do
decide to perform. Over the next 5 months I will personally keep in contact
with you pertaining to your cast and choice of number. I will have all info that
you may need on stage size, etc...or any questions you may have about doing a
Cast Peformance!

For Cast Performances - First I just need to have your cast director contact
me and then we can start so you can plan better! So simply contact me if your
cast would like to perform a number!! We would LOVE to have you represent
your cast! Please contact me as soon as possible as tickets will be limited for
this event.

We are also doing 3 movies at Rockycon 2004 - with live ALL Star Performers
from EVERYWHERE! The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shock Treatment and Hedwig!
(Or just check out our website!)
If any cast members would like to request a scene in any of these Movies
please let me know via email or phone as soon as possible. Tickets must be
purchased in order to perform (so we will know that you will at least be there.) Just
let me know the parts you would like to request in which movie - listing your
3 favorite scenes. Movie requests are based on a first come first serve
basis. We only ask that you know the parts requested VERY well and have a costume
for that part. Also, let me know if you do more than one character ( also
list 3 scenes you would like most.) Also let me know if you are willing to take
any scene at all. This will increase your odds for performing a scene. So get
those requests in fast! We will do our best to cast you! You must simply be
in a present cast to perform a part! (or have been in a cast.)

Hope to see you there!

Check out our ROCKYON 2004 website at Rockycon 2004
Checkout The Sahara Hotel: Sahara Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

You can email me at or also call me at 702-314-0330 anytime.
(ask for Megan Tabor). Hope to see you all at the Rockycon 2004 in Las Vegas

Take Care,
Megan Tabor (702-314-0330)

29th Anniversary, Las Vegas

Shawn McHorse /

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