A younger veiwers inquiries
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Author:  Sonoma89 [ Sat Aug 29, 2015 1:02 pm ]
Post subject:  A younger veiwers inquiries

I'm a gay gal and I have been watching the Rocky horror picture show since I can remember, I know all the songs and every theatre shout a good fan should know. The funny and sad thing is that I am only 13 (about 14 soon) and being a young fan i have to verify if I am allowed CONSTANTLY. My father recently tried to take me to your show at the Alamo and we were TURNED DOWN, I was told that I had to be 18 and they talked to my dad as if he knew nothing about the show, as if we thought it was some family friendly shtick. My father is an avid fan as well and is always aware of what he is exposing me to, he's taken me to drag shows, pride parades, and all sorts of more commonly adult events. This has been the first time I have ever gotten turned down, I almost broke down crying like a child when it happened, my favorite movie in the whole world was playing at my favorite theatre with a live show as well and I was turned down.

However when I looked at your forms I have seen people talking about how they have taken minors to the show before and I was wondering why I was turned down? Is there any way for me to get in?!

(And yes I am very aware of what goes on it live shows, sex miming, old men in lingerie, taped nipples, the works.)

Author:  spiderlily [ Fri Sep 11, 2015 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A younger veiwers inquiries

Hi, there. First of all, the cast has changed its name to O'Brien's Orchestra (same cast, new name) and the best way to contact them is their facebook page of the same name. I agree the over 18 rule just for Rocky sucks completely and leaves a lot of would-be audience members very disappointed and frustrated, but it doesn't seem like it will change anytime soon. There's a chance we might have shows in other venues around Halloween. Meantime if you get a chance to roadtrip, the Dallas/FW cast (Los Bastardos) and San Antonio cast (Dynamic Tension) should admit you with a parent. There's another Dallas/FW cast that does Reo and Rocky (Amber Does Dallas) and at least 2 casts in Houston.I'm sorry you haven't been able to see us.

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