Austin Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast

Lip Service Cast Member Rules (August 1996)

  1. Who's in Charge
    1. Cast Director
      Management liaison, casts shows, PR man (or woman). Deals with setting up advertisement (K-NACK, Chronicle, etc.). Makes critical decisions. Is the ONLY person who deals with management.
    2. Assistant Cast Directors
      1. Call Back Director
        Calls back cast lists, makes changes as necessary. Reports to Cast Director.
      2. Recruitment and Training Director
        Draws in new cast members, keeps track of new cast member progress, assigns trainers. Reports to Cast Director.
      If the Cast Director cannot be present at a show, she or he will assign an Assistant Cast Director to run the show instead. Assistant Cast Directors will help in executing advertisement, if necessary.
    3. Treasurer
      Handles cast funds, in charge of donations, cast pass fees, and fundraising. Reports to Cast Director.
    4. Tech Director
      Casts tech passes, direct tech at shows, maintain props and lights. Reports to Cast Director.
    5. Special Shows
      Two person crew, who collectively plans and executes special shows. (A special show is generally defined as a one or two night show, with a different theme than a regular show, i.e. gender benders, cast swaps, etc.) Special Shows reports to the Cast Director.
  2. A few Rules
    1. Cast Meetings
      1. There will be a cast meeting every other Saturday. Officers meetings will take place on off weekends (Friday or Saturday). It is strongly suggested you attend, as this is where announcements are made and cast business is discussed.
      2. Cast meetings will be presided over by the Cast Director, unless she or he cannot be present, at which time an Assistant Cast Director, previously selected by the Cast Director will preside.
    2. How to be Cast
      1. Cast members will be cast more often in the roles they are trained in based on these criteria:
        1. Knowledge of blocking.
        2. Accuracy of costume and makeup.
        3. Timing.
        4. Portrayal of character.
        5. Availability to play.
        6. Necessity to have you play.
      2. It is suggested that you do not have yourself trained for more than one part until you have played at least ten shows in your primary part. This will help all your characters be stronger.
    3. Once You are Cast
      1. Casting call is 12:10 (which is the approximate start of pre-show) for playing cast and 11:50 for tech cast. If you are not at the theater by the designated time, unless prior notice has been given to the Cast Director or Assistants, you will be recast. You will also be suspended from playing or doing tech work for one week, unless suitable extenuating circumstances prevented you from appearing. If this occurs three times or more within a two month period, you will be disallowed from playing until further notice.
      2. If possible, a cast member must call twelve hours or more before the show in question, if they cannot play. If that requirement is not met, the cast member must find a properly trained cast member to replace their role. If the person is unable to find a suitable replacement, they will be suspended for one week. If this occurs three or more times in a two month period, they will be disallowed from play, until further notice.
      3. If any cast members are visibly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, when cast to play or do tech, they will be suspended for two weeks. A second incidence will result in complete expulsion from the cast.
    4. Coming and Going
      1. New cast members must attend three cast meetings, and come in on a pass six times before they can vote on cast business. Three of the tech stints must include lighting.
      2. If you go on a leave of absence from the cast, you must attend one cast meeting in a two month period in order to maintain cast status.
    5. Voting and Elections
      1. Elections for Cast Officers will take place once every six months, on the first Saturday of the month.
      2. A vote of confidence on any member of the Directorate may be called only by a voting cast member that has held that status for six months, or more. Fifteen voting cast members must be present to vote. There must be a nomination, a second, and a vote to determine whether or not the vote of confidence will take place. If the vote of confidence successfully removes the targeted officer from their position, a new election for the vacated position will take place.
      3. The cast will vote on any matter regarding cast expenditures of twenty-five dollars, or more.
      4. A vote may be called, at a scheduled cast meeting, if it is properly nominated and seconded, by voting cast members. A quorum of ten voting cast members (not including the Cast Director and/or Assistant Cast Directors) must be present at the cast meeting in order to call a vote.
    6. Just in Case
      1. DO NOT, under any circumstances, force an audience member to do anything against their will!!!!! (Or the rest of the cast will participated in tarring, feathering, and executing you.)
      2. Respect the theater, its property, and its management.